Better use & share your valuable resources

Rheaply gives you the tools to get the most out of your assets

Save time and increase collaboration by bringing everything together all in one place.

Messages & notifications

A smarter post for any need

  • Posts can be created to sell, share, rent, request, or collaborate. Whatever you're trying to do, we've got you covered.
  • Keep track of what's happening with your posts and offers in your activity center - no more spreadsheets needed.
  • Search to find the things you need or tell us your interests and we'll automatically let you know when something you're looking for comes to your AxM.

Simplify communications

  • Instantly connect with anyone in your network and conveniently manage all communications for your AxM.
  • Message users directly about posts, offers, or anything else. Get more information or clarity on a post by asking a question that will be displayed publicly.
  • Stay in the know with our in-app and email notifications. You can control how much or how little you want us to update you.

Gain insights into your resources

  • Process and share data quickly to achieve greater transparency and accountability of your organization's resources.
  • Track all your transactions and generate reports of selected KPIs. By analyzing your usage and performance you'll be making more informed decisions.
  • Keep with important directives like Uniform Guidance and M-17-22 .

Set goals and rewards

Increase engagement by setting goals and rewarding user actions. Your users earn points towards their own score while adding to your organization's current goal.

A variety of resources

Choose which type of posts you want available in your AxM.

Surplus products
Equipment to borrow
Products wanted
Help wanted

Connect to our ever expanding network

Join Rheaply's network of trusted organizations and gain access to resources from top companies and universities. Be a part of a larger community that helps you find the things you need while still controlling who can see your posts at all times.

You WITHOUT Rheaply
You WITH Rheaply

Boost your sustainability

Reusing resources is essential for any organization's green efforts. Rheaply fulfills a key part of the circular economy - making waste a thing of the past. We give you the power to easily turn your organization into a leader of sustainability.

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